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  1. arXiv
    Synthesizing Mixed-type Electronic Health Records using Diffusion Models
    T. Ceritli, G. O. Ghosheh, V. K. Chauhan, Tingting Zhu, A. P. Creagh, and D. A. Clifton
    arXiv preprint 2023
  2. medrXiv
    Development and Validation of a Machine Learning Wrist-worn Step Detection Algorithm with Deployment in the UK Biobank
    S. R. Small, S. Chan, R. Walmsley, L. Fritsch, A. Acquah, G. Mertes, B. G. Feakins, A. P. Creagh, A. Strange, C. E. Matthews, D. A Clifton, A. J Price, S. Khalid, D. Bennett, and A. Doherty
    medrXiv 2023


  1. medrXiv
    Digital health technologies and machine learning augment patient reported outcomes to remotely characterise rheumatoid arthritis
    A. P. Creagh, V. Hamy, H. Yuan, G. Mertes, R. Tomlinson, W-H. Chen, R. Williams, C. Llop, C. Yee, M-H. Duh, A. Doherty, L. Garcia-Gancedo, and D. A. Clifton
    medrXiv 2022
    Longitudinal Trend Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis Ambulation using Smartphones
    A. P. Creagh, F. Dondelinger, F. Lipsmeier, M. Lindemann, and M. De Vos
    IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology 2022
  3. arXiv
    Self-supervised Learning for Human Activity Recognition Using 700,000 Person-days of Wearable Data
    H. Yuan, S. Chan, A. P. Creagh, C. Tong, D. A. Clifton, and A. Doherty
    arXiv preprint 2022
  4. arXiv
    Mixture of Input-Output Hidden Markov Models for Heterogeneous Disease Progression Modeling
    T. Ceritli, A. P. Creagh, and D. A. Clifton
    arXiv preprint 2022
  5. arXiv
    Personalized Longitudinal Assessment of Multiple Sclerosis Using Smartphones
    O. Y. Chen, F. Lipsmeier, H. Phan, F. Dondelinger, A. P. Creagh, C. Gossens, M. Lindemann, and M. Vos
    arXiv preprint 2022


  1. npj Sci. Reports
    Interpretable deep learning for the remote characterisation of ambulation in multiple sclerosis using smartphones
    A. P. Creagh, F. Lipsmeier, M. Lindemann, and M. De Vos
    Nature Scientific Reports 2021
    Smartphone- and Smartwatch-Based Remote Characterisation of Ambulation in Multiple Sclerosis During the Two-Minute Walk Test
    A. P. Creagh, C. Simillion, A. K. Bourke, A. Scotland, F. Lipsmeier, C. Bernasconi, J. Beek, M. Baker, C. Gossens, M. Lindemann, and M. De Vos
    IEEE Journal of Biomedical Health Informatics 2021
  3. STEM4Britian
    Digital Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Diseases through Smartphone-Based Remote Patient Monitoring
    A. P. Creagh, Maarten De Vos, and David A Clifton
    STEM for Britian 2021


  1. Phenotype
    AI and the Digital Healthcare Revolution Uniting Disciplines
    A. P. Creagh
    Phenotype 2020
  2. Thesis
    The Development of Digital Biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis from Remote Smartphone- and Smartwatch-Based Assessments
    A. P. Creagh
  3. Physiol. Meas.
    Smartphone-based remote assessment of upper extremity function for multiple sclerosis using the Draw a Shape Test
    A. P. Creagh, C. Simillion, A. Scotland, F. Lipsmeier, C. Bernasconi, S. Belachew, J. Beek, M. Baker, C. Gossens, M. Lindemann, and M. De Vos
    Physiological Measurement 2020



    1. JAMDA
      Baseline Association of Motoric Cognitive Risk Syndrome With Sustained Attention, Memory, and Global Cognition
      F. J. Maguire, I. Killane, A. P. Creagh, O. Donoghue, R. A. Kenny, and R. B. Reilly
      J Am Med Dir Assoc 2018


    1. MobiHealth
      Large-Scale Continuous Mobility Monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease Patients Using Smartphones
      W-Y. Cheng, F. Lipsmeier, A. P. Creagh, A. Scotland, T. Kilchenmann, L. Jin, J. Schjodt-Eriksen, D. Wolf, Y-P. Zhang-Schaerer, I. F. Garcia, J. Siebourg-Polster, J. Soto, L. Verselis, M. M. Facklam, F. Boess, M. Koller, M. Grundman, A. U. Monsch, R. Postuma, A. Ghosh, T. Kremer, K. I. Taylor, C. Czech, C. Gossens, and M. Lindemann
      In International conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare 2017
    2. IEEE LSC
      Smartphone-based continuous mobility monitoring of Parkinsons disease patients reveals impacts of ambulatory bout length on gait features
      W-Y. Cheng, F. Lipsmeier, A. Scotland, A. P. Creagh, T. Kilchenmann, L. Jin, J. Schjodt-Eriksen, D. Wolf, Y-P. Zhang-Schaerer, I F. Garcia, C. Gossens, and Lindemann M.
      In 2017 IEEE Life Sciences Conference (LSC) 2017
    3. ECTRIMS
      Interim analysis from FLOODLIGHT: a prospective pilot study to evaluate the feasibility of conducting remote patient monitoring with the use of digital technology in patients with multiple sclerosis
      P. Mulero, L. Midaglia, X. Montalban, J. Graves, S.L. Hauser, L. Julian, M. Baker, J. Schadrack, C. Gossens, A. Scotland, F. Lipsmeier, A. P. Creagh, C. Bernasconi, S. Belachew, and M. Lindemann
      In 7th Joint ECTRIMS–ACTRIMS Meeting. Paris, France 2017
    4. Age & Ageing
      Processing Speed is Associated with Multiple Independent Domains of Gait under Different Conditions
      F. Maguire, I. Killane, A. P. Creagh, R. A. Kenny, R. Reilly, and S. Kennelly
      Age and Ageing 2017


    1. Age & Ageing
      Characterisation of Motoric Cognitive Risk Syndrome from a Nationally Representative Sample
      Fiachra Maguire, Isabelle Killane, A. P. Creagh, Gavin Bennett, Orna Donoghue, Rose Anne Kenny, and Richard Reilly
      In Age and Aging 2016
    2. Age & Ageing
      Examining the links between Domains of Gait and tests of Global Cognition: a Factor Analysis Approach
      A. P. Creagh, I. Killane, F. Maguire, and R. Reilly
      Age and Aging 2016